Wingless Angels - Wingless Angels (1996)

Produced by Keith Richards and Rob Fraboni
Executive Producer Keith Richards

* Richards agregó tactos de la guitarra y del teclado al álbum acabado, junto con otros refinamientos ligeros de Blondie Chaplin y de Frankie Garin, que trae una sensación céltica débil al proyecto con su jugar de la flauta y del violín.

* Richards added guitar and keyboard touches to the finished album, along with further light refinements from Blondie Chaplin and Frankie Garin, who brings a faint Celtic feel to the project with his flute and violin playing.

MP3 160kbps
Artwork Incluido

01 Write My Name/Good Morning
02 No Dark There
03 Keyman
04 On Mount Zion
05 Morning Train
06 Roll Jordan Roll
07 Rasta Army
08 We Shall Overcome
09 Come In My Little Ones
10 Four & Twenty
11 Rivers Of Babylon
12 Ring Out Mt. Zion Bells
13 Bright Soul
14 Enjoy Yourself
15 Love, Love, Love
16 Keyman a Capella

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