Wood, Jagger & Richards - Cure for The Blues

Outtakes, demos & live
Rarities 1988 - 1994

MP3 192kbps
Artwork Incluido

01 Show Me
02 It Must Be Love (K. Richards/R Wood-basement demos 1988. Keith guitars-Ron bass, guitar-Simon Kirka drums)
03 Too Close For Comfort (R. Wood & Bobby Womack-Outtake from their unreleased album)
04 Somebody LovesMe (M. Jagger-Wandering Spirit outtake)
05 Little Red Rooster (R. Wood-Live May 1988)
06 Shake'Em Down (M. Jagger-Wandering Spirit outtake)
07 The Storm (slow blues version)-The Rolling Stones-Voodoo Lounge outtake
08 Ain't Your Business
09 Checkin' Up On My Baby (M. Jagger-Wandering Spirit outtake)
10 Black Limousine (R. Wood-Live T.V May 1988)
11 Talk To Me
12 Evil (M. Jagger-Wandering Spirit outtake)
13 Baby What Do You Want Me Do To (R. Wood-Live May 1988)
14 Brand New Car (The Rolling Stones-Voodoo Lounge outtake)
15 Sparks Will Fly (The Rolling Stones-Voodoo Lounge outtake K Richards lead vocals)
16 Seven Days (R. Wood solo May 1988)
17 They Don't Make Outlaws (Like They, Used To) (R. Wood-Live May 1988)
18 Always Wanted More (R. Wood-live Electric Ladyland 1993)

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